Need Advice: 110V/750W (x3) Dimmer?


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Lightbulb Need Advice: 110V/750W (x3) Dimmer?

Hello DIY'ers!

I have a question that I think most of you will be able to help with. (at least I help so.)

I am a photographer that instists on using continuous (hot lights) rather than Strobes (flash). My problem is, these lights are too bright, and they only have an on/off switch. They are standard 750 watt tube-bulbs (same bulbs you would have seen in those standing torch-lights that they took off the market).

I need to build a box of some sort that lets me plug the light into, with a simple light dimmer, that plugs into the wall. These can all be contained into one box or single boxes that can attach to my light stands. Whatever is easier for me to build.

I see a bunch of "ready-made" inline dimmers, but they are only rated at 300W, and that's less than HALF of what I need. Is there a way to build one with a standard light fixure dimmer, or do I have to use something special to handle the wattage?

I did see a product similar to this at a video production supply house that was digitally controled. It was very expensive. i certainly don't need anything like that.

All in all, I need a simple solution.

... thanks for any help you can offer.

Robert Blanda

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300, 600, and 1000 watts are all common dimmer sizes.

Check an electrical supply house. You will need one dimmer for each light.
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I would try this.

Router speed control.
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This looks just like what I need. Does it have a standard 110 3-prong female outlet on that side? I can't see the cable.

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If you scroll down on that link, you will see a green square that you can down load the manual.
Then you can see the receptacle.

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