rehabing old house


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rehabing old house

Is there a section in the NEC that deals with rewiring a old house?Does all old wiring not being used any more have to be cut out?
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The short answer is that many of the sections of the NEC apply to wiring a house. However, the NEC is not a good resource to learn from.

I recommend Wiring a House by Rex Cauldwell for a good coverage of what you need to know when undertaking a house re-wire.

You can abandon old wiring inside the walls of a house if both ends of the wire are disconnected from all electrical sources and cut-off or pushed out of the electrical boxes so that they can't be reconnected accidentally.
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There is no one section of the code dealing with rewiring. Basicly the new wire is treated as any new installation and follows all the same rules as if the house were new with just a few differences which are covered under the chapters covering the different wiring methods.

Sadly the code requres that all phone, tv and low voltage wire no longer in use be removed, but does not say this for electrical wires. The best aproach is: if you can get to it during the construction project cut it out. If it is burried behind a wall that you do not want to open up, cut it where it is exposed and leave the rest. Be very sure that you are not leaving any ends that may be energized later because they were not cut at both ends.
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Local ordinances will often specify how to "upgrade" an older house's wiring. For example, many jurisdictions will 'grandfather' in old wiring, i.e. if it was installed correctly and code-compliant at the time, then it can stay now. Any new wiring must, of course, conform to the rules of your local jurisdiction (usually some recent version of the NEC, with local amendments).

In my jurisdiction, any increase in service ampacity includes a requirement to make certain upgrades to the home's wiring, even if they won't actually be a part of the rewire. This includes GFCI protection on certain circuits, all habitable rooms having at least two recepticles and a switch-controlled light/recepticle mounted at the doorway, etc. However, if there is no increase in service ampacity, old wiring can remain in place. Of course, I'd replace any old wiring that was unsafe, even if it wasn't absolutely required by code.

Your best bet is to check with the local building inspection department and see what is required.

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