Workbench power


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Workbench power

I am going to wire a workbench I just built with 4-20 Amp outlets. I am taking the power from an outlet on the ceiling. Yes, its on a 20 Amp 12-guage circuit and breaker. I was thinking of putting 1 GFCI on it at the end, because I read about GFI's tripping with inductive things like motors. So the GFI will not be protecting other outlets. Are there problems with this? Have GFCI's gotten good enough to the poin where they won't trip If I plug a drill press into it? The workbench is in the garage.
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According to the code, all general use recs in the garage must be gfi protected.

You should not have a problem with your power tools. If you do you can install a dedicated outlet for that equipment.
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As jwhite said, you need to make all of the receptacles GFCI protected. You want to do this anyway.

GFCIs have gotten better, and you should not have a problem. Even so, it is unlikely that a trip would happen each time, and you would be there to reset it.

The main reason GFCI receptacles are not advised for motors is mainly for things like refrigerators, freezers and sump pumps,; where a GFCI trip can cause damage either because of spoiled food or a flooded basement.
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Ok! thanks, will do.

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