intermatic timer with submersible water pump


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intermatic timer with submersible water pump

I have a 1.5HP water pump. rated at 8.4 amps max at 220 volts. single phase works with a capacitor. I plan to use a timer to run it several times a day automatically. Could someone who knows about timers look at the one i was advised to get and let me know if it sounds right.

if there's some information i've left out, please ask me for more details.

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I would choose the 8115 model so that you can switch both hots.

I would also durably mark the rec at the pump to not that it turn on automatically. You may not be standing there sometime in the future when someone is working on it..
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"switch both hots" could you please explain to me what this means?

"durably mark the rec". Also do not understanding this terminology.


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A 240 volt pump has two hot legs, and no neutral. Of coarse it has a ground.

If a worker is trying to do repairs to the outlet that the pump is plugged into, or the disconnect switch or what ever, they could get hurt if the 240 power were on.

I made two points. One is to mark the outlet or pump switch so that, if someone were to test the circuit and find that it were off they would not assume to be safe only to have the timer automaticly turn the load on while they are working.

The labels need to be durable so that they dont wear off in a year or two.

The second part is that you do not want to switch just one side of the circuit for the same safety concerns. Even though to do so would be legal, it is not what is industry standard, and could confuse a technician who was called to do repairs.
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I would go with electronic supervision. These days it is a snap. WHO reads instruction or labels not me not until it is too late. A simple LM555 timer and a relay can do it ad a supervisory motion detector and it would be safe and maybe interlock switches will also help. cost $50.00 total.
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I read instructions, it is part of my JOB!
To advise not reading instructions is is VERY POOR advice.

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