Open hot reading on a Switch controlled outlet


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Question Open hot reading on a Switch controlled outlet

I rewired my 15 year old house with Decora outlets to update the look. I used a 3 prong circuit tester to make sure that all my outlets were installed correctly. I have an outlet that I broke the connection because it is controlled by a switch. When I plug in the tester, it shows an open hot when the switch is off and correct when the switch is on. I think that I am OK since there will be no power if the switch is off, but I want to be sure. Do I have this wired correctly or do I have a problem?
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You are fine. Open hot is exactly what the switch does, as you have already concluded.

Stop back if you have any other questions.
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Do those 3-prong receptacle testers have a battery in them? Where do they get the power from to test and light the LED in an "Open Hot" situation?
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In the most common testers, the open hot is indicated by all lamps OUT.
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They are line powered, and light to indicate a good hot, and don't light when there is no hot.

They are rather simple devices really, an indicator line to neutral, another line to ground, and yet another ground to neutral, and a chart on the label depincting the problem for a particularn combination of lit and dark lamps .
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Personaly I hate these devices it tell you good/bad but not how good or how bad. METERS don' lie. And a neon indicator breaks down at 90 volts so a 70 volts it will not lite up and you think you are safe ha!
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However, a digital meter will show you phantom voltage, which only confuses many of the people who post here looking for advice.

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