Old House wiring problem


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Old House wiring problem

I have been trying to figure out this problem...
When I put a meter to my outlets and switches, I get very low voltage wire to wire (2 wires black and white) and full 120+ volts when touching black to box. I understand that the white and metal conduit basically act like the same thing, but I don't get enough juice to power a light. Any thoughts?
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First I changed the title of your thread. There is no such thing as bromex.

Second, the white and metal box do not act the same. The white is the constant return path for current when you are using something. The box and ground tied to it are there for safty so that you do not get hurt if the hot shorts go ground.

What you probably have is an open neutral between that box and the panel. You will need to open every box that is on that circuit and see if it is a loose connection in the box. If it is an open wire in the wall you will have to replace that bit of wire.

If you house is wired in knob and tube wiring, then we have a brand new can of worms to sort through.
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I agree that you have an open neutral.

The problem will be at the last working receptacle on the circuit or the first non-working one.

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