Wire Splice Permitted?


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Wire Splice Permitted?

I have a question about what is permitted for wire splice/repair.

I have a small section of wall that is open on one side (it is a pocket where the gas line comes in). I have three NM-12-2 cables that run through the pocket.

When drilling installing the gas line, the insulation got nicked on a couple of the wires. It does not look like any of the conductors are damaged. I was going to slice open the insulation to inspect. If the conductors are damaged I would put in a splice and tape up wires. If no damage to the conductor then I would just tape it back up.

My question is this permitted without installing a junction box? Is an in-wall splice permitted without a junction box?

Thanks for the help,
David MOntanaro
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The only legal way to fix this is to put in a j box and spice the wires.
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If only the insulation was damaged and not the copper conductors, I would just tape it . Tape each conductor individually and then tape around the outside of all.
If the wires are nicked, cut, broken or damaged, you'll have to splice them. It must be done in a box (with cover) using listed connectors. Also the box can't be hidden in the wall. It (the inside) must be accessible when you're finished with the work. I would use a handy box and leave the cover exposed and flush with the wall finish. That way you can paint the cover to hide it.

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