wireless door bell


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wireless door bell

I need to install a door bell and was thinking of installing a wireless one. Do these work well? And do they work for a while or do you reguarly have to change the batteries? Any help would be great.
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I installed one on my previous house, worked just fine. Of course what worked for me has no bearing whatsoever on what might work for you.

I suggest that you buy the kind that has the inside bell plug into a spare outlet and then plug it into an outlet as far from the door as you can get. Then have someone listen for the bell as you go to the outside of the door you wish to mount the button at and then you try to ring the bell. If it works okay then you have your answer.

You will need to change the battery in the button once a year or so.
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We had one at a previous house and it too worked fine, till some kids tore off the pushbutton one night.

It had jumpers that let you change the chime to bunches of stuff. I got a kick out of changing the tune all the time. Drove my wife crazy, that was the fun part.
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I bought one at BOB. I removed it after a couple of weeks and went back to hard wired. Too many random door ringings. I tried a couple of different dip switch settings that didn't help. I don't know if there is something activating it in the neighborhood, my nearest neighbor is a couple of hundred yards away, or if the unit was defective, but it's going in the next garage sale.
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As a frequent ringer of two wireless doorbells, I can tell you that sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. When they sometimes don't work, they get beat on and the buttons get cracked. Then it gets cold and the buttons break. Of course, my experience is limited to those two doorbells and other ones usually on rentals where landlords have little interest in improvement.

If somebody beats the hell out of my wired doorbell button, I just get a new button for a few bucks and all is well (assuming the chime solenoid windings haven't been cooked). If you've got a wireless, do you replace the whole deal?

My doorbell buttons are lit up so they're easy to find. The wireless ones I push have a red LED that lights up when you press it. Of course that doesn't tell you anything other than "you just pushed this button".

I also have a wireless sensor for a thermometer I got as a gift. It operates in the 400 MHz range and it sits about 3 feet from the receiver. With new batteries, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

My bias is that I love fishing wires, so if something is never going to move, I am going to use copper. But, a wired system probably wastes more energy and is more expensive to install.

These things are fairly cheap, right? Buy one at the Big Box and see how it works for you. If it's inconsistent or doesn't work at all, take it back.
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I'm on my second. The first one had the receiver die. The second one works as long as I clean the battery contacts in the button on a regular basis. My button is exposed to the weather and it doesn't take long for a little corrosion to build on the contacts. With the low voltage involved, the button quits until I give it a cleaning.

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