AFCI Humming


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AFCI Humming

So I'm making progress on my remodel, and this weekend I got my master bedroom outlets wired to a new AFCI breaker. I'm just a little concerned since it seems to hum a bit. Is this normal? I have no experience with these circuit breakers.
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I see it pretty often. Mostly on Siemens brand AFCI breakers.
Is the breaker snug when you plug it on the bus? I had a new one buzzing a few weeks ago. It finally quitened down after I cut it on and off a few times. Does it stay on and not trip?
Does the test button trip it? If so, then in my opinion, it's probably OK.
Once I had one that would buzz constantly and trip when I applied load to the circuit it was feeding. It turned out that there was a screw (closet installation) that had been driven thru the wire in the wall and was touching the ground and neutral conductors. The contact wasn't enough to trip the AFCI until a load was placed on the hot conductor.
Do you have another one that you can swap spaces with? Just to see if the same breaker buzzes on a different circuit?

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Thanks for the reply. This is a Siemens breaker, so I don't feel so bad now. I'm thinking I'm going to pick another one up and swap it out just to check, but it seems to be ok. The test button trips it, and it seems to be functioning correctly. It is the last breaker on the bus, so maybe when I put another breaker on the other side it'll quiet it down a bit.

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