Smoke detector on separate circuit?


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Question Smoke detector on separate circuit?

Do hard wired smoke detectors need to be on a separate circuit, or should they be on the light/receptacle circuit in the room?
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Sometimes this is a local issue. Check with the inspector. Some will require a separate circuit, some will prohibit it, others will have no specification. In general they all (the entire house) have to be on the same circuit.

Also, if you have a choice, I would recommend they NOT be on an AFCI circuit.

If you have a choice, put them on an often used circuit, such as a hallway light or something. You want to know immediately if not sooner that the circuit breaker has tripped and that they don't have ac power.
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A lighting ckt is recomended by most, required by some.
Battery back up is a MUST (IMO) and required by some.\
Depending on your application and area, If it's in a bedroom AFCI required. However Just adding them helps.
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Just so you know, somkes are NOT covered under the NEC or electrical code. This is a building code issue.
ONLY your local office can answer these questions with certainty.
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Smokes are not covered but outlets in a bedroom are. As lecrticlee posted, if they are in a bedroom (and the area has accepted that section of the NEC) they have to be on a AFCI circuit
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In my opinion the smokes have to be on a AFCI circuit if in a bedroom. They also need to be inter-connected so that if one alarm goes off, all alarms go off.. NFPA covers this.

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