Smoke detectors how many wires?


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Smoke detectors how many wires?


In general, how many wires are run to each smoke detector in a hard-wire set up.
Does each smoke need to be run back to the breaker panel or is it a series loop ?

I have some open rooms that I want to run the wire before the walls are put up.

The existing house doesn't have hardwired smokes.
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Run a 2 conductor cable from the source of power, and a 3 conductor cable between them. The third wire will be used to interconnect them.

Just to be pedanitc I will say that this is not series. It is daisy chain.
T tap will work for smokes also.

Some local inspectors want you to run the circuit back to the panel. Others want you to come off of a local lighting circuit.

I prefer the local lighting thing so that you will know right away if the breaker trips.

If any of the smokes are in a bedroom you need to use an AFCI protected circuit.
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C'mon J how do you expect these forums to be informative when you use words like pedantic? ( Just kidding but i get a lot of grief where i work for my vernacular) just wondering if you get the same where you are...other than that...I appreciate your advice but it gets old trying to beat you to answering posts...LOL..keep it up


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