help with ungrounded outlet


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help with ungrounded outlet

I was running power from an outlet in an old house that was not grounded, just black and white wire to a new outlet. I used 12/2 with ground to the new outlet and used jumpers in the old outlet and grounded my new outlet to the old metal box. Now when I plug the tv in the new outlet and hook coax cable to the tv and dvd player without plugging the dvd player in, just hooking coax up that is hooked to the tv I get sparks from the coax end. What's up?
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well there is a few things that could be happening. local codes are somewhat differant as far as grounding goes. but i'd check to make sure that the grounding conductor (bare)is not touching the grounded conductor (white) in either of youer boxes. youer tv coax is grounded to earth ground by means of the cable company, so with that said electricity looks for the shortest path to ground. the current might be going to "cable ground" instead of the panel neutral bar. if that checks out go to youer panel and make sure there is a gouning conductor (bare) going out to a ground rod, well pipe or straight to the rebar in the foundation and make sure it is not cut or removed. if this is all good call a local electrician he will find the problem fast but he my find a costly problem. good luck
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First and foremost, if the existing ckt had no ground you must either run a new ckt (from the panel) to the new outlet or rerun the entire ckt to include a ground wire.

To make it sounds like you have run 12/2/wg from a previously ungrounded ckt to a new outlet so that you could plug in a grounded outlet, is this correct?
If so, this needs to be rectified by the above stated means.
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You are not allowed to extend an ungrounded circuit. Undo what you did and install a proper grounded circuit. I bet your problem will go away.
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Thank you for your prompt replies and I apologize for my late response. The circuit is now grounded and everything works fine. Thanks again.

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