20 amp circuit, two 20 amp outlets OK?


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20 amp circuit, two 20 amp outlets OK?

I am rewiring my house and like the idea of using 20 amp receptacles. All the wiring is 12 AWG, and circuit breakers 20 amp, but I wonder if it is a good idea to have a duplex receptacle (2 outlets) at 20 amps?

What about a double gang box with four outlets, in other words two 20 amp receptacles on one 20 amp circuit? The load will be well under 20 amps, but I hate having to use power strips for just one more plug.
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You can put as many 20 amp recs on a 20 amp circuit as you like. IMHO it is a bit overkill, you could use 15 amp recs, but it will hurt nothing.
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One more thing I want to add is that some of the stuff that you will use with your computer etc have transformers. The size of the transformer eats up alot of physical space. Sometimes a quad rec setup. (two duplex in the same box) will still only let you plug in one or two devices if a transformer is involved.
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As Jeff stated, you could use 15 amp receptacles if you want, but 20 amps ones are also okay.

For a branch circuit you can have as many receptacles as you want. What you cannot do is to pull more current than the 20 amp breaker will allow.

In regards to your computer, you do not want to install multiple receptacles. What you SHOULD do is to use either a good quality UPS or at least a good quality surge suppressor. Either of these units will typically have four to eight receptacles for devices and/or you can always hook up a power strip to one of the outputs.

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