Junction Box


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Junction Box

Im fairly a newbie and i have no idea if im using the right term, "Junction Box" here.

I want to install some new outlets in my master bath. Instead of running the outlets from existing ones, I was hoping another option would be better...

Since i have easy access to the MB from the attic above, and all NM wire is runninf and exposed, I was wondering if I could just tap/splice into an existing line in the attic and branch off the new line right from there? Enclosing the splices in a junction box or something?

Is this good, bad, dumb idea?
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For bathroom recs you have two options. First is the bath recs can be on the same circuit with other bath recs in the house, but only bath recs can be on this circuit.

Second, bath recs can be on the same circuit with the lights for that bath, but only this one bathroom, lights and recs can be on the circuit.

If you can find the wire that goes to your existing bath rec, and it is on it's own circuit, then yes you can splice it in the attic, in a junction box, and run new wire for the new recs.

Can you post more detail, on your current situation, and what you want to add. We may be able to help more, if we know more of the details.
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You cannot tap the bedroom circuit, not in the US.
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You are permitted to make the splices in any UL listed electrical box. However, any terminations anywhere in your home must be made in a box that is permanently accessible.
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thanks! I think you just made me realize that I really need to have a plan here....b/c I cant answer you ques below!

I will draw up a plan and post it on here.


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