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Question GFI problem

Newbie here, so thx in advance for any thoughts/advice you might share.

Last night a GFI tripped for some unknown reason. When reset, it trips after about 10 sec. Reset again, trips again after approx 10 sec. Unplugged all known downstream loads, reset again, still trips after about 10 sec.

Removed GFI from receptable box and disconnected load side black and white wires ... reset again and GFI did not trip.

I'm headed to Home Depot this afternoon to get replacement GFI, but am a little concerned that I have some unknown issue and not a bad GFI. GFI is approx 7 years old, and has been functioning properly until last evening. Again, I do not know of any downstream loads on this GFI, but when wiring for downstream loads is reconnected, GFI trips again in about 10 secs.

Any thoughts as to what might be happening?
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First, and most important, you should know exactly what is on this circuit. You should have figured it out when you moved in. This information could save your life. Please take the time to completely and thoroughly map out what is on each and every circuit in your house.

While a GFCI can go bad, I doubt this is the case, especially since it works with the downstream receptacles disconnected. A more likely cause is that moisture has gotten into a downstream receptacle. This is a common occurrence for bathroom and outdoor receptacles.

If the GFCI is more than a few years old then it is a good idea to replace it anyway, so go ahead since you already have it partially done. Newer GFCI are much better than older ones.

If that does not work, figure out what is downstream from this GFCI and then one by one check the downstream outlets (receptacles, lights or whatever), till you find the culprit. A wet receptacle can be dried by using a hardryer. However, you will eventually want to figure out why it got wet, and (if it was not an accidental splash) correct any problem.
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Thumbs up new GFI fixed it

thx to racraft for the advice ... I went to the two load outlets that the GFI fed, and they seemed dry ... so I opened the new GFI and replaced the old one ... tripping stopped ... so I'm declaring this one "fixed"
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