Making sure this is right


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Making sure this is right

Hello all, Still working on my basement wiring and just checking to make sure I am doing it right.

I have a 15 amp lighting circuit in my plan that powers 10 recessed lights in one room and 8 recessed lights in the adjoining room. (all fifty watt max bulbs for load). There is a short loading bearing wall that separates the two where I have to locate 2 recepticles by code.

I am running the 14-2 line from the box to the first room in through the switch. Then 14-3 out to the ten recessed (to run power past the switched lights). Then into the short wall, since this is the only close route to get in there, (otherwise would have put them on the 20 recep circuit) then out to the next room into the switch for room 2. Then 14-2 out the 8 lights in room 2.

Does this sound ok?
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Looks fine to me
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Thanks jwhite, I figured that was ok, but wanted to make sure it was up to snuff so the code inspecor doesn't have a hissy.

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