Replaced Old Oven that was Hard Wired


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Replaced Old Oven that was Hard Wired

So My wife and I finally replaced out very old oven this weekend. We ordered a 3 prong plug thinking that it was too old to be 4. When I pulled out the old oven, I realized that the oven was hardwired and not plugged into an outlet. For those of you who are electricians, the wires were running into a metal box where they were spliced to the wires coming from the the breaker (hope that makes sense to you). So....

Do I wire the new oven into the box the same way the old one was? Or...

Do I convert that box to a 3 prong outlet? Or...

What would an electrician do? Depending on this response I may just call one. And what do you think I should be charged for such a job (barring any other unforseen circumstances)

Thanks Guys! I appreciate anyone's advice!!!!
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Is the wire from the panel to the J box copper or aluminum?

What size wire are we talking about on the oven and the house?

I ask more questions than I answer For evey one I answer I ask several. That is because I need the added info to make an informed decision on how to answer.
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Actually I think you answered my question

I will call an electrician.

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