Dryer outlet question, picture included.


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Dryer outlet question, picture included.

I went to install my newer dryer (1 year old) into my newly built home, and the plugs dont match. I was told I couldnt buy a cord that would make the dryer work with the current outlet. And that the outlet would have to be changed instead. (possibly voiding my warrenty on the house) My wife and I are desperate for our dryer to work. Here is a rough outline of what each one looks like. We where told by a home depot employee that it was wrong.


Is the current installed outlet not to code? Any advice would be appreciated?

Thank you,


P.S. how do you get images to show up on this forum? Thanks!
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You have an old three wire cord and plug on your dryer. The recepacle is a new four wire receptacle. All new dryer receptacles in the US need to be four wire.

Buy a new cord and plug for your dryer. Yes, they sell them. You can buy one at the big box stores, or at most appliance stores.

Follow the directions that came with the dryer (you should always save instructions), or you can find the instructions on-line or by calling the dryer manufacturer about how to install the new cord and plug. This step is very important.
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Your images are not really clear to me.
It looks to like that whom ever wired your home used a 4 prong 50A receptacle for the dryer connection.
The one that's on your new dryer appears to be a (correct) 4 prong 30A plug.
Can you read the numbers on the receptacle and plug?
If the supply wire from the breaker to the receptacle is smaller than #8 copper, it can't (by electrical code) have a 50A receptacle. Most dryer wiring in residences is #10 copper (which is smaller than #8).
So....I'm telling you that you can't go down to the Home Depot and buy a 50 Amp 4 wire range cord and put it on your dryer and have a (electrical code) compliant installation.
The code doesn't care that the supply wire is #10 copper that's protected by a 30 amp breaker. Or that the white wire and the bare ground wire on the cord are attached to the proper terminal on the dryer. Or even that a proper strain relief connector is installed on the dryer to support the cord.
It seems to me that the code wants to prevent someone from plugging in a 50 amp load on a 30 amp circuit, even though the 30 amp breaker protecting the 30 amp circuit would trip before any damage was done. It doesn't matter that most electric clother dryers use less than 25 amps.
So...if you change that cord to 50 amp...even though it's not allowed by the electrical code... you may not be able to sleep because of a guilty conscience. It won't be because the installation is un-safe, just not allowed (by the NEC).
You say that the house in under warranty? Call the builder and tell him the problem. This is a warranty issue.
This all is just my opinion.
Hope this helps.

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