AC 240V motor connections


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AC 240V motor connections

I have a new motor that looks somewhat different from the old one and unfortunately did not come with a wiring diagram. When I pop open the little cover plate on the motor, I see 4 terminals for sliding crimp-on connectors on. They are sort of grouped by 2. The two terminals on top have a ground screw nearby, the two below don't. I'm running 10 gauge 2 wire with ground, so what goes where? Again, this a a 240 motor. Thanks for any info.
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Not enough info.....
Give everything on the motor plate.
Is there a capacitor? Is it external?
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A new-to-you motor, or a NEW motor? If "new," I'd be calling the manufacturer and demanding the wiring diagram.
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The only thing I can add to Mac and Steves reply is... dont guess. You are wrong and you will let the smoke out of your motor. There should be a connection diagram...possibly for low and high voltage. These diagrams are almost always on the nameplate or the "in" side of the wiring connection (peckerhead) cover.
As Mac said is this a new in box motor or just another motor you resourcefully came up with?

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Ringing out a motor is not a DIY project. You either need to get the proper wiring from the mfg, or carry the motor to a rewind shop and have them ring it out for you.

As roger already said, if you get this wrong, you will burn the motor up.
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thank you, I'll contact emerson

Just looked again. 2 capacitors and they are both wired. The two bottom prongs are really a one piece terminal, while the top ones, where the ground screw is, are separate. Anyway, sound advice, it's just that Emerson don't make it easy with online diagrams. I guess there's no shortcut this time
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You are wrong and you will let the smoke out of your motor.

Alot of hard working people put it (the smoke) in there, don't waiste it!

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