Moving Main Breaker Box in split unit


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Moving Main Breaker Box in split unit

Hello, I have rewired many of homes. But one thing i never done is move or installed any Main Breaker Boxes. But know the Basics how it's done. But Recently I purchased an Old 1840's 2-story Bank. The top Level is now an Apartment and the Bottom level is the old bank with Vaults. Planning to use this area for storage. The Upper Level and the Lower level are Separate, each has their own Doors to enter, Can't go from lower level to upper level without exiting the Building.

The Power hasn't been turned on yet. Because The wiring is a mess. Old wiring, new wiring, Previous owners adding stuff left and right (looks like alot by amateurs). So I'm gutting building (needs it) and re-wiring before I turn it on.

Here's my Question: Outside the brick Building is set up with (2) Meter Slots. But Inside it only has 1 main Breaker Box (60 amp). which this Main is for the Lower level Bank and the upperlevel apartment (shared). This Main is located at the bottom of the stairs leading to the upstairs apartment. But, outside of the apartment and Not inside the Bank either. The stairway doesn't have a locking door. So I want to move it.

Where it's at now. If a Breaker Tripped, Both sections, You would have level the building and Go down steep stairs in the Dark to flip them back on. Which I find Hazzardous. Make more sense to have Breakers in each unit. And Anyone could walk in and turn off the breakers where they located at now. And No one in the Bank Level or Apartment would be able to flip them back on easily.

I would like the Have the Apartment has it own Main and The Lower Level Bank have it's own (Each have a 100 amp Breaker Box). But since I own Both, would like to keep it one 1 service - but have it where can be easily changed to two separate services, if Needed too in the furture. Like if I decided to rent out Part of the building down the road.

It set up outside for two Meters. But Only has one main box (shared). So all the prevoius Owners only had 1 service running both sections too.

So I wondering whats the Best way to do this?

Is there a Juncion Box that I can split the two services before Main Breaker Boxes? Or Do I need to make one a Main and the other a Sub?

Where I was planing on putting the Breakers Boxs: The Upper Level will be aprox 30-40 ft away from where it comes into the Brick Wall. And the Lower Level is aprox 10 -15 ft away from the brick wall.


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You need to have the mains in one location and the panels in each apartment would be sub panels.

I would leave the existing two gang meter socket, If it is in good repair and can handle the whole load, and just keep using one side of it. Then I would install two switches either directly under the meters or just inside the building on the same wall. You will need a troff above the two new switches to make your splice to the two seperate switches.

The new large fused switch would now become your main disconnect. You can then run a three wire feed with ground (four wires total) SER cable to each sub panel on each floor.
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I strongly suspect that there is one more panel that you haven't found or a load supplied by an off peak service meter. Are there main breakers at the meters? Is the second meter for off peak service such as for a water heater or air conditioning load? If there are two circuits supplying an electric water heater or similer load that is very sugestive of off peak service.
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There is only one panel that I seen. But Basement is kinda dark with no power yet. Possible I missed one. But don't think I did. No Electric to water heater (Gas Water Heater) and No AC in building at all. No 220 ever wired in anywhere. And Most the Building doesn't have that many Recepicles. Only the upstairs they started updating over the years. Someone Added more recepticles and lights (but only like 2 per room). Down stairs only has a maybe 4 total Recepicles and All extremely old 2 wire wiring.

Most this wiring is extremely old. And previous owners kept adding a recepicles here and there. Most the wiring not even in the walls.

Pretty Much why I'm Redo everything. Getting everything up to date and Moving walls etc. Total Remodel job.

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