moving a 200 amp panel


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moving a 200 amp panel

I bought an older farmhouse this year that has a mish mash for the electrical panel (old stuff with upgrades). The electrician said it was safe and sees this kind of work on older homes all the time, but recommended that I upgrade to a 200 amp panel (which the property is already set up for) eventually.

My question...I plan on adding on to the house in a few years, on the enclosed porch area where the panel is now located. If I upgrade the panel now, before I add the new difficult is it to move the panel later? It wouldn't be far (maybe 10 feet or so), but it wouldn't work where it is now because that would put it in the middle of the new room. Should I try to wait several years to install the new panel, until after the new add-on is complete? I'd feel better with an up-to-date panel.
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I would wait. Moving a panel requires that there be enough excess cable to run the wires the additional distance, or that the cables be replaced if they are too short, or that junction boxes be put in to add extensions.

Your other alternative is to put in a new panel now, but to locate it exactly where you will want it to be when you add on to the house.
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thanks Bob. since the house is built such that the wiring goes up to the attic and is distributed from there, junction boxes are probably the way to go to extend the wiring when I move the box. It's a real spider web and the older wiring looks pretty decent anyhow.

1. It's impossible to run new wiring in the basement due to the massive foundation system...built like a barn with 8x10 beams on brick on all just couldn't reasonably drill through them to get up into the walls.

2. And the walls have 4 x 4 posts at every corner and along every window, so going through walls is a difficult job too (especially around corners).

3. I am exposing the beams on the ceiling, so wiring through there is not a good choice either...would look bad. I have to run it there in some places, but am trying to conceal it as best I can.

So, am stuck keeping it all in the attic and dropping down from there. Rerunning new wiring from there would be a real bear, so as long as the wiring is decent, I'd rather leave well enough alone. I imagine there are too many unknowns for you to advise on that part via the internet. Probably best to have my local electrician look at options.

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