outlet with half switched/half always on


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outlet with half switched/half always on


I have an outlet where half of the outlet is to run the garbage disposal (switch on wall to turn on/off) and the other side is to run the dishwasher (always on).

My garbage disposal basically broke a couple weeks ago and I think it burned out the outlet (outlet definitely wouldn't work). I went to replace the outlet with a new outlet. The outlet now works so I can run the dishwasher. However, I just had the disposal replaced and now the switch will not shut off the disposal!!! There is always power coming to that side of the outlet, regardless of the switch position!!!

So obviously something is screwed up.... do I need a different kind of outlet? Do I need to do something to the outlet I have (break some connection, ?)? I did try to wire the new outlet exactly like the old one was (drew a diagram of the old wiring and did new the same way).

Thanks for any help you can provide!

[Edited to remove circuit breaker issue - finally had chance to shut off breaker and the dishwasher doesn't turn on, so it seems ok.]

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You may be connecting a "receptacle" to the wires contained in an "outlet-box". A receptacle is a "device" into which a cord-plug is inserted.

You may have used an -un-reliable type of voltage-tester when you tried to de-energize the circuit.

We need to know the number of Black & Whire wires in the outlet-box, the B & W wires entering the outlet- box as cable-pairs. Two cable-pairs = 2 Black & 2 Wire wires ( ex).
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You forgot to break the tab between the top and bottom half of the duplex receptacle on the HOT side. This small tab needs to be removed if the outlets are to be powered separately.

Look carefully at the old receptacle. You will see that the tab is broken on the HOT side (the gold screw side) of the receptacle. Break the same tab on the new receptacle.
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Thanks for the replies!!

The tester I used was just one of those kind you put near the wires and it beeps and lights up. I don't have a voltmeter.

Also, I thought I looked at the old outlet for that thing being broken, but perhaps (obviously??) I didn't (had issue with circuit breaker/etc.).

I'm not expert at this stuff, but I do try to do as much myself as I can (my husband has no desire to). If there was one profession I could learn, it would be electricity!!

Thanks a ton!
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I'm a union electrician and I assure you, there are plenty of fantastic female electricians and the field is broad

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