Useing volt/ohm meter


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Useing volt/ohm meter

I need to know how to go about useing a volt meter to test a switch. Such as a key switch.
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Measure the resistance across the switch. It should be infinite when the switch is open and zero when the switch is closed.
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Disconnect the switch from everything else.

Make sure that no voltage can be applied to it from any source.

Set the VOM to ohms.

Put one test lead on either side of the switch.

Measue the ohms when the switch is on or off.

OL means open load or switch off.

Any resistance value means the switch is closed.

this only applies to switches. dimmer and such work differently.
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vom usage

If its the older type vom, i.e., non-digital readout, always adjust the ZERO control for zero on the meter with test prods shorted together.

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