Like to tap circuit and add new outlet.


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Like to tap circuit and add new outlet.


I've got a garage outlet used for the electric garage door opener. It's on a circuit with a few other things (not sure what), however I'd like to add an electrical outlet in to a closet I plan to make a wiring closet. It'll be a low voltage application, I'll be putting ethernet all over the house, and I'll need a central point for the dsl modem and switch to reside.

I was wondering if I could just tap off the outlet (Where the junction takes place, I'll use a metallic junction box and make sure it's grounded.) and use that circuit and add a recipticle in the top of my closet.

Would this be the proper procedure? It seems safe. The closet isn't used for clothing, however I want to make sure any fire codes can be adhered to. I want the least possible chance (say a new owner put clothes in there) that there could be a fire risk.

Is there any suggestions on such an addition?
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I and others (sorry folks, I feel sure on this one) would not recommend tapping off of this outlet.
The surges created by the openers motor could wreak havolk with that delicate equipment.
Additionaly, not knowing "what else" is on it, could be bad for your investment.

It would be STRONGLY recommended, that if at all possible get a new DEDICATED ckt out there.
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lectriclee beat me to the reply, but since I typed it already, here it is:


First off, the pros will say for sure if what you plan is technically legal, but I would advise against powering any electronic devices (especially ones that will then be networked to others) by a circuit that is used for things such as a garage door opener. Such motorized equipment is notorious for creating electrical interference and momentary voltage changes and the last thing you want is your computer network being fed from the same circuit. Just my opinion.

Second, after admitting you donít know what else is on that circuit I think you can expect a post from racraft pointing out the importance of knowing such things (and heís right). Take it away, Bob...
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Good call, didn't really think about the use of the opener could induct noise in to the line. I wonder if it is still worth a worry though, since I've intended to use a UPS battery unit on the outlet. It should act as a surge protector in addition to a power isolator. (I'll be using a SOHO one at first, and be upgrading to a higher end one eventually, although even the SOHO model should isolate the power)

In other news, being ignorant on which circuits power what is a bad idea. I know ;-)

This circuit powers the garage door opener, garage light, the 2 bathrooms GFCI outlets, the outside light fixtures and outlets, and maybe 1 or 2 more I'm not aware of. It's a pretty low-load circuit, other than use of the opener (or when people use the blow drier) (Maybe powers one or two more things.) I can't tell you what breaker 15 powers, but if you show me an outlet or fixture I can tell you most of what else is on the circuit. I went around and half documented which breaker powers what one time.
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WHITH That said, MOST definately a NEW CLEAN ckt. End of discussion. (unless you don't want it to end).

IMHO, This is foolish. Door opener motor,Hair dryer,Vacuume cleaner, etc...... . New ckt NO DOUBT.

And Identify your ckts before "RACRAFT" checks in.

(and for your own good)
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Yes. It makes sense. I'll either add a new circuit, or find a cleaner circuit to pull from.

And documenting which circuits which is on the to-do list. If when I add the new circuit or tap off an existing it'll be something I'll do.

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