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Unhappy GFI Breaker Help

Hello. I Had a hot tub removed and chose to run the open 50amp line to a 70amp outdoor load center from Square D. I have run into a problem. The original set up for the hot tub was run on a 50amp GFI breaker. I am using this same breaker to run the power to the load center. And I cannot turn on this breaker without it immediately tripping. As far as I know wires are hooked up correctly in the outside panel. Red and Black to the hot sides of the two available circuit breaker lugs and the white neutral wire to the neutral bar lug. I also have a green ground to the Neutral bar Lug. The wire size is #6 Stranded.

any help would be appreciated.

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This is GFI 101.
The neutral and ground cannot be touching. This will cause an immediate GFI trip.

Where is this sub-panel? A panel within the same structure as the main MUST be fed with a 4-wire feed, as your is. With a 4-wire feed the ground and neutrals MUST be kept isolated.
Even if this is in a detached structure the 4-wire feed still mandated keeping the grounds and neutrals separate.
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Charles I appreciate your input. I figured out what was wrong a little while ago. The white Neutral wire must go back to the GFI Breaker in the house and the curly pigtail then goes from the breaker to the neutral bar. I did this. What I failed to realize was the Green grounding wire was connected to the Neutral bar instead of a grounding lug in the outdoor power panel.e Green Grounding Wire being attached to the Neutral Bar in the outdoor panel was making a direct return to the neutral bar in the house. Bypassing the GFI.
Oh well Sheesh!

Thanks again

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