Need info, from Australia


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Question Need info, from Australia

Hi, Live in Australia, and the rules and regs here are strict to say the least. I belong to a Christian Fellowship and have a campsite, miles from anywhere, no sparky's would come that far, let alone the cost of getting one to come. It is a Farm with around 120 Vans chalets, caravans. My Pastor has an older style van, that is in need of repair, which I and some others will do one day, at the moment though the wiring inside and the switches are coming off the wall, wood has rotted through dampness, I am going to camp shortly and would liek to fix the wiring, and make sure it is safe, what I need is the basics on 240v wiring, the Camp power poles to each site are grounded, all vans have their own designated RCD, need to remove and rewire the switches, trouble is the previous owner or someone else has done the wiring and instead of sticking to code/colour wires, he has used one colour to connect each terminal, there are 3 separate switches linked to one outlet, Simple enough job but again want to make sure I do it right, no second chances with electricity, apparently someone got a small boot off of one switch recently, advised him by phone to tape over that switch with DO NOT TOUCH on it. Hoping someone can advise me to the correct wiring procedure, would get a sparky, but unfortuantely the closest is around 2 hours away, thats a 4 hor round trip, cost more than the van did. Thanks from Oz
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If I were you, I would invest in a couple of books on residential wiring, such as "Wiring Simplified" or "Basic Home Wiring".
Study the books and post back.
Getting answers will not do you any good if your don't know what questions to ask.
hope this helps.
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Thanks Steve, can't get books here on residential wiring. Will keep on searching, if no luck, then one day the camp will have to get a sparky in, maybe for others in similar circumstances.
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While I do suggest books, I do not suggest books based on North American wiring, unless they are all you can find. Books from the US will discuss thr NEC and US requirements, and will be based on 120 volts.

I believe that your 240 volt wiring is similar to our 120 volt wiring, in that the voltage is with respect to ground. However, I do not know much more than that.

You will need your own codes to know what size circuits are used, and what size wire is required.

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Thanks for the reply Bob, Have the wire sizes etc, will have to let the repairs go, and get my Pastor to have a sparky come to the camp dooh, never mind, some things are not meant to be.

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