Newbie post-wiring a new light


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Newbie post-wiring a new light

Hey everyone, first post and looking for some advice.
-only know a small amount about electric but this should be easy.

I have an old metal junction box in my living room ceiling that that contains two 14/2 wires spliced together. I checked both and found one is a feeder wire from panel and second continues to several lights in hall and bedroom,plenty of available load. Ok, so I have the circuit mapped and now want to add a light to this junction box. I have installed a dimmer on a wall switch and ran the wire to the junction box and have it wired as a switch loop. This is where I need help, I know that the feeder (black)hot wire coming into box will be attached to white marked hot on switch loop:

Before I make a mistake or sound downright dumb I would appreciate an opinion on how to finish this correctly.
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Perfect so far.

Next connect the black from the switch to the black for your light.

Next connect the white from the light to the power white wires, the original two in the box.

Finally, connect the ground wire of the light and the ground wire of the switch loop to the ground wires in the box, or to the metal box if there are no ground wires in the box.

You probably know this part, but at the dimmer switch connect the black and white to the dimmer terminals (or wires) and connect the ground to the dimmer and to the box, if it is metal.

Finally, do NOT use the dimmer to control a fan.
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Thanks Bob,
It is as I thought, just wanted to get a double check from the pro's. Just trying to be safe.

Will let you know when I finish, probably not until tomorrow.

PS-Dimmer switch is for light only, no fan and is indeed wired correctly. thx again
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a little late, but I just wanted to thank Racraft for the advice. Worked like a charm. Thanks
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It is never to late to hear we done good..
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Out of curiosity, why is it inappropriate to wire a dimmer to a fan? I've seen it done in more than a few houses.
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A dimmer is designed to work with only resistive loads, a fan (and flourescent and LV Halogen) is an inductive load.

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