New receptacle


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New receptacle

I need to add a new receptacle for some under cabinet lighting. Can I pigtail from an existing receptacle. I will need to do a little drywall work and repair but i can manage that.
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It depends where in your house you are talking about and where you place the receptacle.

If this is the kitchen and you are talking about the area under the kitchen cabinets, above the counter, then you can only place a new receptacle on the same circuit as one of the existing counter receptacles (or run a complete brand new circuit), assuming you place this receptacle below the cabinets above the counter as well.
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Yes the light would be in the kitchen and the receptacle I wanted to pigtail from was an above countertop one. I wanted to put the new rec. inside the cabinet and run the wiring there, so no one can see the wires.
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NO, you can't add a receptacle for the "undercounter lights" and place that receptacle in the cabinet.

While there is nothing to stop you from placing the receptacle in the cabinet, the code does state that nothing can be placed on the circuits that feed the receptacles for the countertop in the kitchen. There are two exceptions to this rule but neither of those exceptions deals with undercounter lights.

To, legally, feed this new receptacle you will have to feed from a receptacle other than one from your kitchen countertop, which are considered "small appliance circuits" or you can get it's feed from another lighting circuit.

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