GE Circuit Breaker problem


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GE Circuit Breaker problem

I have an older GE panel that will not accept 1/2" breakers in all locations so I need to install single pole, tandem (twin) breakers. GE stopped making the TR1515.

I am told that Murray's MP1515 fits but it doesn' least off the shelf. It doesn't seat all the way because it doesn't have the cross slots that allows it to fit all the way.

What's the trick? I suppose I could take my moto-tool and cut some slots but I must be missing something. What can I do? Thanks!
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To modify the breaker or panel in any way is not safe, and not legal. Many aspects of the design were engineered to assure your safety. I do not know which aspects, and neither does anyone else but the engineering team. Next the product was tested the way it was manufactured to insure that it is safe to use that way. It was then listed to be used as made.

Since there is no way to know which aspects of the design are essential, no modifications should be made in the field, unless you are following specific instructions provided by the mfg.

I have never in my many years of electricial work come across a residential breaker that had approved field changes that can be made to them.

I suggest that if you panel is so full that you cannot fit another breaker, it is likely that either you need a service upgrade, or there are a couple other circuits that you could double up on to create the space you need.

This is a job that should be reserved for only experienced DIY electricians. To be honest, I have workers under me who I would not allow to do this, unless I was telling them which circuits to combine.

Another option is to look up the breaker you need on ebay. It is amazing what you will find there.
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Thank you for your response. It was proper and 100% on the money.

I should have explained that my panel is a 40 circuit and that I am well aware that I may not exceed the 42 NEC limit. I do not want to double up any circuits and am simply trying to get room for a 50A double for my hot tub; I just finished installing the new panel for it. So I only need to free up 2 spaces.

After a bit more research, I now understand that I have a CTL box.

Given that I am allowed to add these 2 more circuits, what tandems are on the market that I can use in this GE box???

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