Electric Range (Electrical Outlet Re-Wiring)


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Electric Range (Electrical Outlet Re-Wiring)

We are swapping out our electric range for a natural gas model. We have already had a plumber install a gas line to the where the back of the range will be. Now I have two questions.

1) I need to route and install 115V to operate the gas range electronics. Anyone know if there are guidelines / requirements for the placement of this receptacle?

2) Do I need to remove the 220V receptacle that was previously used for the electric range?

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Hello cphokies and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Gas Appliances topic.

I am moving your question into the electrical forum topic. My gas appliances topic deals with appliance service and repairs.

In order for you to obtain the professional help required with the electrical aspects of converting the existing 220 volt outlet into a 110 volt outlet, the professional electricians in this topic can best assist you.

Cautionary Notes:
Always be sure the electrical current is turned "OFF" before attempting any kind of electrical work.

Always be sure all electrical work done, meets all the local codes for your area and is done safely.

Failure to adhere to proper installations, safe work habits and local codes could cause personal injuries, death and/or property damages.

Personal experiences, I have had two of the 220 volt outlets in my home converted into several 110 volt outlets. Each with several branches to multiple locations. ALL done myself.

However, for my own personal safety,that of my families and for peace of mind, all electrical work was inspected by a local licensed electrician prior to activating the service to the added lines. You should do likewise, imo.

Use the reply button to add additional information or questions. Using the reply button keeps or moves the topic back up to the top of the list automatically and keeps all communications on this subject in one thread.

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You do not need to remove the 240 volt receptacle for the no-longer-used electric range. It makes sense to leave it, in case someone later on wants to go back to an electric range, or in case they want a combination unit that needs 240 volts. However, if it is oin the way for some reason, you will have to deal with it.

The new 120 volt line can be surface mounted to the wall behind the range, or can be bi installed in the wall. You are allowed to tap an existing countertop circuit for this, but it may be easier to run a new circuit from the main panel.

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