2500 watts, 240 volts, 1202, 75 feet. Add up?


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2500 watts, 240 volts, 1202, 75 feet. Add up?

I'm planning on running about 75 feet worth of 12 2 cable up to my attic to run two 240 volt heaters (1 1000 watt & 1500 watt). It would be fed by a 20 amp double breaker. Since I want to run individual double pole t-stats I was wondering how do most make the parallel splices at the t stats. Do you just nut three wires together? Does the rest of my plan look ok?
Thanks all.
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You don't have three wires to connect together, except for the fround wires.

Run the cable to the first thermostat. Run a cable to the second thermostat. Pigtail each hot wire to the "inputs" of the thermostat.

At each thermostat run a cable to the heater it is to control.

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