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Thumbs up sliderinwa

WOW!!!! Glad i found this site. Now for a question I am tring to wire a Craftsman 3/4 hp 1175 rpm to 115 volts. I have a few questions however. I know folks are hesatant to give out advice on stuff so help me out if you can. This motor is going to be used on a hortizontial band saw. It is the same rating that was on it. I hve the following schematic inside the cover for low voltage .
Blue =L1

Brown= INS
green= INS
red= INS

white= L2
yellow= L2
Black= L2

What is L1, L2 , and INS mean? How would i wire this to run on 110 volts? I know it can be done. Thanks in advance and have some fun today.
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Hi Slider,

It's hard to say what the wires are for without more information.

Are you replacing the motor that is in the band saw now with a new/different one?

Are you trying to modify the existing band saw motor?

I guess more information is needed about what you are trying to do before we can discuss possible solutions.
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INS means insulate and do not use.

L1 is typically the hot wire, black red or blue.
L2 is typically the other hot wire (like for 240v) or the neutral white wire.
(for 120 volt)

If you have several wires with the same lable they all get connected together.
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While I do not disagree with JWhite that ins. does mean insulate, the problem is that in a motor you often have to connect a group of wires together and inuslate them from a power line or ground. They are generally one end of a group of motor windings that need to be tied together correctly wire the windings togethter. From your post, I suspect the 3 insulated leads are to be wired together and insulated from ground or any hot lead.

The color schematic doesn't seem to be a NEMA code color set.

here is a NEMA color chart:

post the exact wording on the motor data plate along with any other info not on the plate such as manufacturer (should be on data plate though) or anything else that might be pertinent.
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Thumbs up slider in Wa.

Frist thanks for the quick replies. This is a replacement motor for the orginal .It like the frist one can be wired 110 or 220 i am told. This is the data plate stuff. I wish to wire it 110. ( no 220 outlet available)

CRAFTSMAN model 113.12240 , 3/4 hp, 1175 rpm, serial ks63bxd-182

under the cap it has directions for Hight voltage on the left side and low voltage on the right.

Left side "High" voltage is as follows
Blue= L1

Brown= INS


Black= L2

The right side or "Low" voltage reads as follows


Black= L2
It makes since to me that L1 and L2 are leads and insulation of the 3 wires would make it a 110 leg not a 220 leg. RIGHT?????? Thanks again fella`s.
Have a lot of fun today. Tomorrow i have Seahawk football!!!

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