Rewiring and junction boxes


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Rewiring and junction boxes

I have been rewiring a dining room in a 1930's home. In new
construction outlets are linked together by wires running horizontally through the studs. I haven't been able to find any guidelines for how to run wires when rewiring. The most logical way seems to be running wire through floor joists underneath the room in the unfinished basement. I have a couple of choices. I can run wire from outlet to outlet (2 wires up to each outlet), passing the wire under the floor, or I can wire from junction box to junction box with a wire extending to each outletfrom each junction box. The latter would allow me to use a lot less wire and a lot fewer holes through the joists.

The first way would mean that I would use fewer junction boxes. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to either way? I have heard that using a lot of junction boxes is frowned upon, but does electricity really care if it's going through an outlet box or a junction box? I realize junction boxes must remain accessible. Anyone know of any guidlines for rewiring? Most of the info I have found is on wiring new construction.

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Every junction is a potential failure point, or a place for heat to build up. Further, if you ever want to finish the basement, the junction boxes there will have to be dealt with.

Run the extra cable.
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Drill 3/4 in holes and run both cables through same hole.

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