Wiring Crawl Space


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Wiring Crawl Space

I have a crawl space about 18 x 13 in all that is divided into two sections (structurally). I want to finish one section of it for an extra playroom for our kids (about 11 x 13). Right now it is wired with a switch and two ceiling fixtures—one for each section. Here’s what I want to do.

1. Make it so I can control both sections separately at the switch (two switches).
2. For the finished section, I want to convert the one light into four recess lights (50 W each).
3. I want to add two outlets (or at the very least one)

The existing switch I have appears to have one line running into the bottom (probably supplying the power) and two others running out of the bottom to the two lights that are there. I can find no other wires to tap into except the ones I described. In the end, the outlets will be used for running a TV and DVD player on one and occasionally a vacuum on the other.

So, how can I wire this all up properly so that the switch doesn’t cut the power for both the light and outlets (so someone could watch TV in the dark if they wanted)? And so that both sections of the crawl space (finished and unfinished) are on separate switches?

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The switching sounds like the easy part. turn the switch box into a two gang box and seperate the light circuits.

The issue you will have is that if you finish this space you will need to treat it like any other room in the house regarding recepticle spacing. So you will need more than two recepticles.

You also need to find out what else is on this circuit now. We will need to know this so that we can tell if that circuit can handle the extra load. There may be things on other floors of your home that are on the same electrical circuit from your panel.

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