Receptacle Wiring problem


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Receptacle Wiring problem


I have a receptacle in my coop that when using a 3 led receptacle anaylzyer (A.W. sperry instruments inc) to test it, all the lights are lit. There is no code on the tester that matches this.

Doing various seaches I found some ppl saying this means there are 2 hots in the outlet box.

This receptacle is also fed by breaker with a red wire coming from it. There are only 2 such breakers in the breaker box.

Next weird thing. This receptacle is the first of 2 others pigtailed onto it. It is wired as follows:
b= black w=white
A= copper contact 1
B= cooper contact 2 (common to copper contact 1)
C= silver contact 1
D= silver contact 2 (common to silver contact 1)

b w b w
| | | |

black and white pair connected to B and D is the source pair. It cases all 3 lights to be light on the tester no matter which polarity (GND not connected)

If you connect A and B (2 blacks) the C white thats was 0v before the connection goes to 120v referenced to the receptacle box.

I'm puzzled whats going on here. Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.
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So did you use a voltage tester from a known ground to the "hot" and "neutral" of the receptacle in question to see if it is wired with two hots?

FWIW, the receptacle in my truck's power inverter causes all three lights to glow also. I've not taken a meter to it, but I might suspect it does have two hots. When I was in the Navy, our receptacles on board ship were like that, wired with two legs of 55V for 110V receptacles, instead of a 120V leg with a grounded (0V) leg.

EDIT: To clarify, IF you do have two hots, it is likely you have 240V, as PATTBAA points out.

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The outlet-box where the receptacle is located may the the point where a 3-wire (Black/Red/White ) cable for a 240/120 volt
"2-circuit" Branch-Circuit from the panel connects.

The point is that there may be 240 volts across the Black & Red cable-conductors in this outlet-box.
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Your tester may be telling you that you have more than one problem.

Try using a probe type tester and post the results. Hot to neutral, Hot to ground, and Neutral to ground.

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