Need to run new to the attic


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Need to run new to the attic

I have found that my attic (which is finished) along with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom are all on one breaker. I want to run new wiring up to the attic so i can have the attic on 2 or 3 seperate breakers since it is finished and we use it. I am just having a problem finding a way to get the new wires from the basement (where the panel is) to the attic. I really don't want to have to start putting more holes in walls again. If there are any ideas I would appreciate it.

I ahve considered running the wires through conduit from the basement outside the house and back in at the attic, but was unsure if that was ok.
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It's legal to fish romex cables behind finished walls without having to staple them or follow other traditional rules. You'd have to find a good candidate where you can access the top and bottom of the stud plates to drill through. Then, you put a string with a plumb-bob in the top hole and try to snag it from the bottom. There are other tricks, but it's hard to know what to suggest without knowing what your house is like. It's probably easiest to do this in an interior (uninsulated) wall.

If you're OK with the aesthetics, you can always run conduit outside the walls inside the house or out. EMT and PVC are both fairly easy for a DIY to use If you run them outside, you'd have to use watertight cable, like THWN or THWN-2 if you're running single wires, or UF if you want to try to run it as a single bundle.

The bathroom is supposed to have its own dedicated 20A CGFI-protected receptacle circuit in modern codes, btw. There's nothing prohibiting the other rooms from sharing a circuit, abnd it's pretty common, as people seldom have all that much load plugged into their bedrooms- it takes a LOT of TVs, radios and lamps to overload a 20A circuit! Depending how much you've plugged in, it may be OK- have you had any history of tripping breakers?
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> conduit from the basement outside the house and back
> in at the attic

That is allowed. You should use THWN conductors in the conduit, not NM-B Romex cable.

> any ideas

Perhaps you can find a chase to run conduit through the back of a 1st floor closet or somewhere else the run won't be noticed.

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