Finishing basement and lights


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Finishing basement and lights

I am in the process of finishing my basement and and stuck on the lighting at the moment.
I am putting in a bar at one end and a tv and play rooom at the other
I have for spots over/behind the bar but now I am stumped about the rest of the room

It is about 26 x 11 and I was thinking 3 2x2 flourscents (putting in a drop ceiling) but now I am thinking that might be to much especially over the TV, Any sugestions. I can post pics if needed.
Please help
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lighting choices

I have a similar size clubroom in which are installed three 4-lamp fluorescent fixtures in my dropped ceiling, each on its own switch. If you're alluding to RFI on your TVs, I haven't noticed any in my situation. You could spend the cash for more sophisticated lighting, but that would be "gilding the lilly."
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Assuming you're looking at around 6000 lumens per fixture, that would give you 62 footcandles general illumination which is right in the middle of the range for general living spaces- you have room to go brighter if you want, if you intend to do any fine activities down here, but I wouldn't downsize at all.
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Other options:

As suggested , you could switch each independantly, or (more involved) you could have 2-ballasts in each fixture and 2 or 4 sw.
switching 2-lamps in each fixture. There are also dimming ballasts available, these are not cheap and require special switches, those aren't cheap either.
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I concur with lectriclee and grover. there are many options.

I have never been told there is too much lighting IF it was controlled correctly. Often been told not enough.

personally I believe you are on the light side (get it? punny isn't it?) of what should be installed.

a lower ceiling will also change the light dispersal as well. lower ceilings need the more lights spaced out more to get a good spread of the light.
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I put in recessed cans with incandescents; that way I was able to dim them easily and cheaply. I used 75 watt PAR bulbs, spacing them about 4' apart and it seems about right to me for normal light level; you couldn't do surgery but good enough for reading; we typically dim them for TV watching.
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Glad it worked out. Thanks for posting back.

Lighting can make the whole room, hope it works for you.
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