2x2 flourscent fixture ?


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2x2 flourscent fixture ?

I am putting in 2x2 flourscent fixtures in my basement that I am finishing and am goig to put in a drop ceiling but not for a while. What is the best/easiest way to install them to the joists until I get teh drop ceiling installed. I was thinking about just using drywall screws to screw them to the joists. Thanks in advance

Mods sorry I posted this in the wrong forum, shoudl be in the fixtures.
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The answer depends on how long until you installthe ceiling.

If you are talking a few weeks then just about any method that leaves them secure will work. However, if you haven't planned the drop ceiling yet, then make sure that you use a method that will last an indefinite amouhnt of time. Drywall screws sounds fine.
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I've got a 48" fixture temp mounted with a couple deck screws in my half-built garage right now. As racraft says, whatever'll keep it up there without falling! Two drywall screws down the centerline or on opposite corners would probably be fine and are easy enough to remove later. Weight shouldn't be an issue unless you bought very heavy covers- if so, you might want to use more screws.

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