Door Bell Not Working, Help


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Door Bell Not Working, Help

I discovered my door bell is not working this morning. It is making a humming noise. I opened it up and the green wire wasn't attached, I attached it and then looked outside and it looks like someone smashed the button so I'm not sure if it has been stuck or not. I push the button now and it just humms a little. Are they expensive to replace? Are they easy to install? Please help. Thanks in advance.
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Door bells are very easy to replace - and shouldn't cost you more than a couple of bucks. Just buy a new one, attach the wiring (2 wires) and you should be good to go. Sounds like you're is stuck in the "on" position... keeping your transformer energized.
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Actually it is the button (switch) that costs a couple of bucks. <G> I doubt you have a door bell probably a chime. If a doorbell it should continue to ring in the on position. Chimes will hum and eventually may burn out the transformer. I'd cut power now before you burn out the transformer or chime coil.
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that is what happened already. i went to wallyworld to get a switch for 4 bucks. hooked it up and it still humms so i guess i gotta get the full kit. thanks for the help again.

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If the door bell button was damaged and left pushed in for a long time, then the chime section has probably gone bad. The plastic will melt arround the metal part that moves and make it get stuck in place.

Replace the entire kit, and go a head and replace the tx because it has been overloaded and will stop working soon.

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