Garage door opener


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Garage door opener

My garage door opener closes about 3/4 of the way and then stops and opens all the way. I have nothing in the way the path is clear. What could be the problem. I am not sure that it has the safety stop because it is quite old. It has been working fine until about three days ago. Any suggestions will be welcome. Thank you
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If it's a screw type drive, check the screw shaft for obstructions. If it's a chain drive, check the chain at the sprockets at the point where it is hanging up. The unit has an auto-reverse if it senses excess pressure.... somethin is jamming. Check the rollers and the trackwork at the point it is stopping also. Could be a piece of scrap, loose screw/bolt.....causing the friction.

Pull the release cord and lower the door all the way... does it lower smoothly - or hang up somewhere along the way (the problem would be the door system). With the release cord disengaged, energize the unit and see if it does the same thing. (the problem would be the drive system)
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A friend of mine had this problem. He has the electric eyes. If you have them check for something haging. He happend to have a rope and a leaf attached itself to the rope and the eye caught it about 3/4ths down.
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All of the above, and there are usually lites on both sensors, they should be lit steady, not blinking. And check the door operation with the opener disconnected as suggested above. Run it full travel and feel for sticky spots, binds.
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There is usually small adjustment screw ports (openings) on the motor unit for up and down force and travel. Try to adjust screw for down force; it may be too sensitive and is reversing itself. Once it does go down and stops where you want, place a roll of paper towels under it; once it hits the towels it should reverse itself; if not, adjust down force until it does. This is to prevent injury to a child if it gets stuck between door bottom and floor.
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Hi all, I looked and tested both track and chain and found nothing. I greased both, and adjusted the down sensor. It seems to be ok now. Thanks for all the good advise.

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