Aluminum re-wire


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Question Aluminum re-wire

Hi all,

My home was built in the early-mid 70's. As such, it is mostly wired with the dreaded aluminum wiring. Ideally, we'll be replacing all of this with copper, the problem being - cost (isn't it always?). As we carry out renovations to each room, this would present an ideal opportunity to replace the old wiring as we go. Is it possible to re-wire a house room-by-room or circuit-by circuit to ease the burden of the cost? Thanks again.
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Yes it is. This approach takes some planning and forward thinking. As each room will not need it's own ckt.
Map out the big picture, on how you want the house ckts.
Attack the kitchen bathrooms and bedrms, separately. As these require special methods and requirements.

As you go rm to room you may want to install a pull string from a new box to the future attachment. With the use of junction boxes, in strategic locations you can tap into the existing ckt (with approved connectors al/cu)for power untill the next stage.

This is one method, stand by and you'll get more and you will find one that suits your application I'm sure.
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Smile Aluminum rewire

That's great news.

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You will need to meet current codes as you do this. That means 20 circuits to the bathroom only, AFCI for bedroom circuits, etc.
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If terminated properly, aluminum wire is not as scarey as it is hyped to be. Regardless I still pulle dit all outta my house .
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My house was originally built with it as well. A few years back, my wife wanted the ivory plugs and switches all white. I replaced them with $2.99 (a piece) AL rated outlets and switches. Fortunately they still sell them. It really adds up as opposed to 0.35 - 0.40 cents for copper outlets. Yet another reason to go copper. Most of our kitchen is copper now and we're slowly converting as we go. I'm not to scared of the aluminum but do respect it's potential danger and make sure the wires are tightened snug in the outlet and switch terminals every year or so. Yes we can live with aluminum but it will be a great day when it's all gone. Good luck.
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Don't install 39 cent receptacles and switches. They won't last the same as more expensive ones.
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See it all the time cheap switches that fault and cook or just dont make contact at all . The cheap receptacles lose their "grip" and plugs fall reigh tout .

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