Help with attic wiring


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Help with attic wiring

I am installing a ceiling fan in our master bedroom and found that the old fixture's box was used to interconnect the fixture, the switch, two outlets, and of course the main power source. After cutting all wires from the old box, I don't have enough slack to run to new j. boxes. The house was built in 1940 and we have two wires in a metal sheath. The plan was to run the main power into a j. box, and split it with two lengths of NM cable (14 gauge, for a 15 amp circuit). Then, run one length of the NM to another j. box for the two outlets, and then run the other length of the NM to the ceiling fan box which will connect with the swith cable. I didn't have very much slack in the switch cable, but managed to get all cables spliced and grounded. I switched the power back on to the circuit and everything worked well, including the new fan, but after a couple hours, the fan just stopped and will not turn on now. All other recepticles work except the fan. Any thoughts, ideas, or advice on any part of this would be greatly appreciated. I hope to remedy this tonight when I get off of work. - Gabe
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My guess is that you made a poor connection and it has worked loose.

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