Garage Sub-Panel (again)


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Garage Sub-Panel (again)

I am installing a 100 Amp sub-panel off my 200 Amp main service at a detached garage. I ran #2 copper 3-wire with ground in 1 1/2 PVC conduit planning to isolate my neutrals and grounds in the sub-panel. The sub-panel is a 100 Amp main disconnect breaker panel. When my codes inspector came to look at my lovely 3' deep hand dug trench to O.K. the depth he told me to make sure and set a ground rod @ the garage. I am a bit confused. I have several other metallic paths from the main house and thought the correct set up was to bring my ground from the main panel to the sub-panel ground bus not set a separate rod @ the garage. Or do I need both? I am obviously missing something....Thanks in advance.
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Originally Posted by Powerjockey3 I need both? ...
Yes, you've done well so far, but you ALSO need the ground rod.
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> Or do I need both?

You need both. A subpanel in a detached building always gets its own ground rod.

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