Can I use multiple 24 gauge to switch a light?


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Can I use multiple 24 gauge to switch a light?

I had run 14 gauge wire to my garage with plans switch a light on the garage, from the house (50 feet away). I had an extension built and, when excavating, the guys snapped the wire. I never reparied it and its too late now.

Now I want to put that light in place but have now wire to switch it and REALLY dont want to run new line.

BUT, I did run underground telephone line (I believe 6 pair, or maybe even more). On both ends - the house and garage - it would be easy to use this telephone wire to switch the light. I know that telephone wire is only 22 or 24 gauge, but if I can use a few pair twisted together, can I use that to switch the light?

Is multiple pieces of thin wire, twisted at the end (but not throughout because of the plastic coating) the same as a thicker, stranded wire?
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The voltage rating of the insulation would not meet code requirements. You will have to find another way to get the circuit to the garage. Why can't you trench in another cable from the house to the garage. If you do I suggest you install
PVC conduit along with the cable.
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There are many factors that would prohibit doing this. It is not even worth considering.
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If there is power at the garage already, something could be rigged up to control it with low voltage, if that cable will not be used for telephone (and depending, maybe if it is).

You can't directly use it to control or power a light though.
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I agree with Speedy on this one........for one the insulation on the conducotors are not rated for it, the conductors itself are not rated for the capacity needed and well......just because it is THERE does not make it right...

Short answer....NOPE......dont use that telephone wire for the application you have listed.
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Gone on too long.

NO !!! Fix the wires or put in new.

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