Attic wiring


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Attic wiring

Well I am up to the 2nd level with my garage wiring rough in. My attic above the 2nd will be an unaccessable space. Can I run wiring through the attic and staple to the top of the ceiling joists or do I have to bore holes and run through the joists. I plan to maintain wire support with stables every 4' ....Thanks in ad vance.
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If the attic space has a scuttle hole, then you need to protect the wires within 6 feet of the edge of the hole. Nail a 2x4 on top of and perpendicular to the ceiling joists, and run the cables in the "L" shaped ditch created by the running board and the joists. If the roof is made with engineered trusses, never drill through one -- always use the running board method.

Beyond 6' from the scuttle hole (or if the attic space is completely inaccessible), you may run the cable on top of the joists so long as it is supported every 4'.
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Originally Posted by Powerjockey3
...My attic above the 2nd will be an unaccessable space. ....
Wiring, yes. Junction boxes, NO. Your wiring method is acceptable.

PS, Many engineered trusses have precut holes for running wires, you may have to just punch them out. Especially since these are not often used below pitched attics, but between living spaces.
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Great. I have no scuttle and will not be having any junction boxes in this space.....Bill

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