Relocating Middle-of-the-run Receptacle


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Relocating Middle-of-the-run Receptacle

I am wiring a LCD TV and installing a floating shelf below it to conceal the AV cables including power cords. The look we are after is a clean look with only two things showing on the wall, the TV and the shelf, nothing else.

I want to relocate the only receptacle on the wall 3ft. to the right from where it is currently located so that it is concealed by a floating box shelf.

Points to note:
- The wall I am working on is an exterior wall with insulation and vapor barrier.
- The circuit this receptacle in on includes 4 other receptacles on the remaining walls and one light fixture.

Upon opening the receptacle in question and doing some exploratory drywall cuts I noticed two 14/2s coming into it. One 14/2 is going to the left and the other to the right. I am worried there may not be enough length on left side of the cable run.

I am looking for advice on how to do this the right way and not violate any codes.

- Can I just extend the shorter left cable run with electrical tape and/or wire nuts and leave it in the wall?

- Can I use a junction box and make it non accessible?

Thanks in advance!
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The answer to both your suggestioins is no. You cannot burry the splice with, or without a box.

You also may be breaking the code by moving the rec. No point allog the wall should be more than six feet from a rec. Again as measured along the baseboard.. If you move one rec 3 feet to the right, then start measuring left, how far is it to the next rec. 12 feet would be max.

I suggest moving the one rec and at the same time adding one to the left where the cable will reach. Then pull a new bit of cable between the two. Be prepaired to do some dry wall patching.
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If it is actually up on the wall high enough for a TV, you could put in a juction box with a cover and hang a picture or something over it, IIRC. I *think* something temporary like that is allowed by code. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

If not, why not just leave the other outlet there and run a short section of wire from that one to your new one? If it happens to be in a place where you can easily join it up with the circuit, that works. But it not, just wire it so you aren't breaking the original circuit.
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Just use the outlet box there as a JB and put a plate on it. It won't be too obtrusive. To do it Without a JB would requite you to replace both the runs that are there.
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I suggest a much bigger TV that will conceal the existing outlet and anything else you have done, like exploratory holes !

Seriously, the best suggestion is the one for making the existing receptacle a junction box with solid cover to contain the circuit splice/s, unless on the exterior side of the wall you could provide the access to that junction box (or GFCI recep) with a weatherproof cover. That move will also get you the Rube Goldberg award. (Google it)

Regarding the lack of a properly spaced receptacle, when you get ready to move you could always put a recep back in with a standard recep cover and keep the new recep also.

Good luck.
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