Tripped breaker


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Tripped breaker

Last night about midnight one of our breakers (20amp) tripped. It just kept doing it, everytime I reset it. I just left it off for safety. Switched it out with a 15amp I had on-hand just to see if it was the breaker and the 15 tripped. Now I'm a bit worried. Electrician is coming at 3:30pm to have a look.

Any thoughts on what could be tripping it?

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See what the line goes to. turn off and unplug anything on that line then see what the breaker does first
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Depends what's on that circuit: what lost power when the breaker tripped? Could be an appliance motor that burned up like the sump pump or fridge. Too many possibilities to guess without knowing what that breaker controls.
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If it's tripping immediately, it's a short circuit somewhere. As Ed suggests, first step is to unplug everything- that will tell you if it's an appliance or something in the outlets. Then you can go from there, disconnecting outlets and trying to isolate the problem. Look for scorching and sights of melted plastic.

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