need help with 'half-grounded' house.


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need help with 'half-grounded' house.

ive got a few circuits in my home that are up to code, in the bathroom, washroom, and kitchen. the rest of the house, however is on a single circuit, and is apparently not grounded. this sucks because there is only one outlet per room, with all my expensive stuff (computers, tv's) using these non-ground outlets.
the receptacles are 3-hole, and there is 3 wire running to them, but somewhere in the attic i believe they junction with the origional 2-wire.
anyway, since there are also junctions in the attic for the newer circuits, couldn't i just run a ground between them somehow?
i should note that i rent, and my landlord is not going to do anything (there are much worse problems with the house than this)
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The best thing to do would be to run new grounded cable from the j boxes in the attic to the electrical panel and eliminate the old two wire system completely.

I cannot reccomend just running a ground wire between the new and older systems.

I do not know your city or local codes, but it is most likelly Illegal for you to do any electrical work to your home.

I know it will put you in an uncomfortable spot, but you may need to make some waves with the land lord and get him to hire this done.
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You can do niothing except bargain with the Landlord. In rental property you cannot legally do anything, and even if you could you shouldn't.
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Agreed Don't touch it.

Racraft:*In rental property you cannot legally do anything, *

Where can I get this in writeing? trying to convince my sister in law, Her LL (2-family) gave permission,but won't pay me so I'm not doing it.
(friction here)
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ok then ill just have to put up with it.
whats the danger then? should i be using these non-grounded outlets to plug my stuff in? or - just run extension cords to the kitchen, which is grounded?
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For most two prong appliances, there should be no problem. For something like a computer or HT system, consider paying an electrician to install a proper grounded outlet for it.

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