Box extender exists?


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Box extender exists?

I am refinishing a garage. The previous electrical work (probably by a professional) is top quality instalation. The boxes very secure to studs...properly secure grounding, etc.

My question. I don't want to remove and rewire all the boxes, receptacles, switches, etc. to add a half inch of drywall. Is there such a thing as extenstions to put on an existing box and bring the receptacle and switches forward? Some added front to the metal box to add a half inch or so? I have enough 'extra' in the wires to do this.

If this isn't possible, any tips on removing wired boxes? The ones in the garage are well fastened and I tried to remove one and destroyed it in the process. What tool is used to remove the nail? My studs have hardened over the years and it's a struggle.

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Yes there are several types,These are available At HD or LS'
Remember, the box can be, NO More than 1/4" behind the face of the finish. So you may not need them.

There should be pleanty of wire to do this.
Disconnect the power before removing the rec/sw.,You may not even need to disconnect the wires, Slip the extension over the device.You will however need some longer screws (6x32) for the devices, (8x32) for the junctions :4'squares and rounds for Ex.

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since these are metal boxes, if they happen to be of the 4" square variety and there is no wall covering now, you can use plaster rings with either a 1 or 2 gang opening.

this should be a link to a single gang 5/8" plaster (or mud if you prefer) ring.,1076,1594,116
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thanks! you've saved me a LOT of work. I don't mind doing electrical work but I do it at a tortoise pace to make sure I get it right. Your advice is much appreciated.

My father, a carpenter, used to advise that if you mess with plumbing and get it wrong, there is a lot of cussing. If you mess with electrical and get it wrong, you might not still be around to do the cussing.

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