what generator should I buy from sears?


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what generator should I buy from sears?

I am interested in purchasing a generator from sears today. I would like one that I can hard wire into my houses electrical panel so it will kick up automatically when power goes off. I willing to hire a electrician for such a large job but I would like to purchase the generator now from sears because there is a huge sale going on tonight. I am at a loss though on how large of one to buy. I figure the largest one I can afford would be about right. Are sears generators dependable? Any input wold be much appreciated. My house is in NH and during the winter we lose power a lot. My house in 2100sq ft if that helps. Satndard house hold with well 2 computers and normal amount of appliances but I just want my forced hot air, tv cable, and computers to work plus a few lights.

Any steer in the right direction would be great. Any advice from people who have done this already would be great too.

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No less than a 5KW, 7Kw +would work as well,and allow for more power. You need one with an electric start. Then the electrician may or may not need to make the modifications.

They have manual transfers, that may be the best option,dealing with a portable generator.
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Unless you buy an expensive generator with appropriate voltage regulators, do not run your computers off the generator. Most portable generators and the cheap non-portable ones do a poor job of regulating the voltage, and your computer may get damaged.

Even with a decent generator, run your computers off a good quality UPS.
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Probably too late, but Sears does not make anything, they only market things, some have their name but are made by someone else. Some of the products are good, some are junk. Connecting a generator to a house panel MUST be done properly, or the consequences can be devastating. The house panel must be switched out of the poco loop when the generator runs.

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